How To Volunteer

We can't do what we do without YOU! 

Please read the descriptions below and contact either the VP of Support or the President with any questions you might have prior to signing up for the position. 

BAND CAMP Preparations

RESPONSIBILITIES:  Organize activities that band members participate in outside of required rehearsal time (ex. Nighttime activities), organize necessary supplies for away camp, organize chaperones for both home (and away camp if applicable), collect and organize water/snacks.

TIME COMMITMENT:  2-4 meetings prior to commencement of band camp.


RESPONSIBILITIES:  Handling and transporting front ensemble/pit equipment at practices, shows, and competitions.

TIME COMMITMENT:  Friday night home games beginning at 5 pm and all competitions; assist at rehearsals.


RESPONSIBILITIES:  Coordinate and build props; coordinate volunteers to handle props at all shows and competitions.

TIME COMMITMENT:  Several meetings prior to season to build props; Friday night home games and all competitions.


RESPONSIBILITIES:  Secure transportation (buses) for away games and competitions.  Keep a chart of people available to pull the trailers.

TIME COMMITMENT:  Several hours prior to the start of the season to secure contracts.  1 hour a week to communicate with bus companies if there are time/location changes.


RESPONSIBILITIES:  Order/organize/measure for all marching band uniforms.  Order/organize/measure for all concert band attire.

TIME COMMITMENT:  Several days prior to marching band season over the summer (all day).  Friday night home games and all competitions. Concert attire: several days in early fall to measure, order and distribute all uniforms as well as availability throughout the year for re-orders if needed.


RESPONSIBILITIES:  Organize all activities for Senior Night; pick up flowers/balloons, etc. for Senior Night.

TIME COMMITMENT:  Several meetings prior to Senior Night and must be able to attend Senior Night.


RESPONSIBILITIES:  Organize and execute band banquet at the end of the year.

TIME COMMITMENT:  Several meetings prior to band banquet in fall and spring.


RESPONSIBILITIES:  Organize 8th grade tailgate night and any additional tailgates/social events (does not include band banquet)

TIME COMMITMENT:  2-4 hours in the weeks prior to the events and 2-4 hours the evening of the events.



RESPONSIBILIITES:  Organize uniforms and costumes as needed for the Guard.

TIME COMMITMENT:  Several meetings prior to season; Friday night home games and all competitions.


RESPONSIBILITIES:  Organize/order/serve all meals to band members prior to home games.

TIME COMMITMENT:  2-4 hours a week during marching season and 2-4 hours on Fridays before all home games.


RESPONSIBILITIES:  Order and organize Freshmen Sign Delivery prior to the start of home band camp. Welcome new band families and get parents involved. (Do this throughout year for any families new to Hough mid-year).

TIME COMMITMENT:  2-4 hours prior to marching season and 2-4 hours throughout remainder of season.


RESPONSIBILITIES:  Put out information on applications for scholarship, find judging committee members, announce winner & handle all financial aspects including fundraising as needed 

TIME COMMITMENT:  2-4 hours to review applicants.