The Ruth Petersen
Music Scholarship

Offered by the Hough High School Band Boosters

The mission of the William A. Hough High School Band Booster’s scholarship program is to recognize an outstanding band student who plans to pursue post-secondary education either in a music field (such as music education or performance) OR intends to participate in band at their post-secondary institution (such as marching band or concert band) with a one-time $1000 award.

This Scholarship is named in honor of Ms. Ruth Petersen, who retired in 2020 as band director at Bailey Middle School. Many of our band students began their music careers with Ms. Petersen where she demonstrated great dedication, team-work, selflessness, inclusion, leadership, and love of music performance to her students. She also modelled community engagement, serving many roles within the NCMEA (North Carolina Music Educators Association.) Her characteristics, which many of us admire and aspire to, shall serve as the basis for the judges to review applications and choose a winner each year.

General Scholarship Requirements

  1. Students must be in good standing with and be eligible for graduation from Hough High School at the end of the academic year in which they apply for the scholarship.

  2. Students must be planning to attend post-secondary education immediately after graduation (not including the summer following graduation.) An acceptance letter, in the student's name, from an accredited community college, 4 year college or university will serve as proof of continuing education (required upon granting of the scholarship.)

  3. Students must have participated in band for all four years of high school (a minimum of their full senior year in the Hough Band if they are a transfer student).

  4. Students must have represented the band program in a positive manner.

  5. Students must submit a complete application, including an essay, prior to the deadline. Applications will be submitted to the Student Services Office no later than the end of the school day on the due date.

  6. Incomplete applications or applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

  7. Financial need is not a consideration for this scholarship. A check will be presented to the student and made out to his/her school of choice.

The Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee will exist as a standing committee within the Band Booster organization. Their duties will include publicizing the scholarship, collecting the applications from Student Services and preparing them for the judges (who will not see the names of the applicants), organizing a Judging Panel, as well as fundraising/soliciting donations and keeping the Booster Board apprised of its operations. The Committee shall not include a parent or guardian of a senior band student.

The Scholarship Judging Panel and Judging Criteria

The Judging Panel will consist of three members who have no relation to applicants, members of the Band Boosters or parents/guardians of the applicants. Judges will typically be drawn from

  1. The Bailey’s Glen Neighborhood Association since they have demonstrated a strong interest in supporting our band program since its inception,

  2. A Hough High School staff member

  3. A band alumni parent who has no current students at Hough High School and no known connection to any senior eligible to apply.

The judges will not see the names of the applicants during the judging process and they will use the following criteria to judge applications and choose scholarship recipients:

  • The applicant lists specific band programs they have participated in (such as marching band, United Sound, jazz band, leadership positions within any of the bands, etc.) The number of band activities alone will not raise or lower a student’s chances of winning the scholarship.

  • The applicant has demonstrated what they gained personally through participation in the Hough Band program.

  • The applicant has demonstrated many of the characteristics intended to be recognized by this scholarship.

  • The applicant demonstrates a desire to continue their musical participation into their post secondary years and describes this in their essay.

Applications must be turned in to the Hough Student Services Office no later than the end of the school day on the due date each year. This year's due date is March 28, 2022. Students should submit their application via email to Ms. Suter at Applications are available at this link: The Ruth Petersen Music Scholarship Application

Questions may be directed to the Hough Band Boosters by emailing the Scholarship Committee Chairperson, Ms. Ziegler, at